Take Surveys for Cash

Take Surveys for Money

Summary: Join FREE Survey companies and Get Paid to Take Surveys in Your Spare Time!

Yes, it is true that you can get paid to take surveys for money. Paid online survey sites are not a scam and also they are not a get rich quick scheme. You won’t make big money with paid online survey sites, but you will get paid to take surveys for money in your spare time. Most paid survey sites pay between $1 to $5 per survey and it does add up over time.

Paid online survey sites are a legitimate way to earn money online. Whether you are between jobs or just need to supplement your income, you can get paid for surveys.

Survey Sites Pay for Your Opinion
Why you can get paid to take surveys for money?
Make money online with Survey Depot.Companies are smart. They know that today’s consumers tune out television ads and gloss over ads in magazines, etc. So in order to find out how to have effective advertising, they survey consumers. But today’s savvy consumers hang up on annoying telemarketers and throw out junk mail surveys. Therefore, companies know that they must provide incentives to get your opinions. This is why there are now so many legitimate sites that pay you for completing surveys.

These can be great ways for people with limited computer skills to earn money. The payout may seem small at first, but those $1 to $5 here and there really start to add up once you get going.

What You Need to Know Before You Get Started?
The Difference Between Paid Surveys and GPTs
Before you start earning money online, you first need to learn the difference between paid survey sites and GPT sites. Many GPT sites call themselves paid survey sites (but the really aren’t) and many sites are both. So, it can get confusing at first.

Paid survey sites usually require you to sign up and then they email you surveys that you can either choose to complete or not. For each survey you are rewarded either a small sum of money (sometimes just pennies, but it can really add up) or points that can be redeemed for cash, gift cards, or sweepstakes entries. Most paid survey sites seem to only offer you sweepstakes entries for your efforts. While the odds for these contests are much better than winning the lottery, I prefer to focus my time on GPTs because they offer compensation for all surveys and offers that you complete. The surveys usually ask you questions about products your household buys and uses or questions about your television viewing habits, etc.

GPT sites have what they call offers. These usually require you to sign up for some annoying email newsletters or something of that nature. The purpose for these “offers” is to get you to submit your email, address, or phone number so that companies can reach you for future advertisements. Sometimes the offer will result in what is usually referred to as a silver offer. This requires that you sign up for a trial of some sort. For example, maybe you sign up for a trial membership of a book club. You get your free trial books and either keep them, agreeing to join the book club, or send them back and cancel the membership (which means you will be charged nothing). Accepting trial offers can be a real pain if you aren’t wanting to put any money out at all because you will have to stay very organized and on top of everything so that you can cancel your trials before any money is due. I don’t like having to worry about canceling things, so I just stick to surveys and 100% free offers. If you are willing to stay organized and do the trials, then you have the potential to make some serious cash. If you want to learn more about GPTs, including tips on how to be successful, and a list of sites that pay me, you can visit my lens How to be Successful with GPT Sites.

Tips for Doing Well with Paid Surveys

  1. Use the same username and password for all the sites you sign up for to make it easy on yourself.
  2. Sign up for as many as possible so you constantly have checks rolling in.
  3. Keep an excel spreadsheet going of all the sites you register for and note every time you take a survey and what the payment for that survey was. Also on the spreadsheet include the minimum cash out for each site so you know when to request payment.
  4. If you’re also doing a lot of GPTs, be sure to use a separate email account for JUST the paid surveys so you don’t overlook any surveys or reward confirmations.

My Favorite Paid Survey Sites that are FREE to Join and Pay Cash

I highly recommend to join these paid survey sites and start getting paid to take surveys for money in your spare time. A brief description of all the paid survey sites I work with. I have been paid by all of these sites!

PineCone Research: Pine Cone Research is my favorite paid survey site. They do not have an open sign up. But, if you are a member of Your Free Surveys, you can sign up for Pine Cone through the YFS site. Pine Cone pays $3 for every survey. What is so amazing about Pine Cone is you don’t have to “cash out” and there is no minimum payout. They automatically mail you a check every time you complete a survey! I have been paid by Pine Cone too many times to count.

Survey Spot: Take surveys to earn money. Cash out at 1,000 points which equals $10. My best friend makes $100 a month with this site and won a Disney Cruise vacation!

Opinion Plus Surveys: This survey site gives you a $2 sign up bonus and pays you $2 for every referral, which really adds up! They email you surveys to complete for money. Your Free Surveys Just recently added 2 daily surveys. One of them has a $1.05 reward and the other $0.75 and you can take them each once a day! Their minimum payout is $10. Be sure the email address you register with them is on your verified PayPal account. As soon as you reach $10, they will automatically send it to your PayPal account…no need to manually cash out.